I1 Grave of the Green Flame

I1 Grave of the Green Flame
Item# 2004

Product Description

Grave of the Green Flame is an adventure module for the First Edition Game, compatible with OSRIC™, and designed for a single 2nd level character. This module introduces Pacesetter’s SoloSystem™ rules for enhanced individual play.

It was the oldest trick in the book. A man on a dark road asked for directions and you let your guard down. You awake in a nearby inn with a bruised skull and ego. All your possessions are gone, but your courage endures. Helped by the kindly and concerned innkeeper, you are equipped and the chase is on. The bandits fled into the forest, but you will have your vengeance. Yet there is more to the old forest than some petty bandits. Somewhere inside lies the secret of the Grave of the Green Flame.