I3 Ruins of the Red Moon

I3 Ruins of the Red Moon
Item# 2010

Product Description

Trapped deep in the mountains and besieged by a snow storm of raging power, you desperately search for safety. The mountains are steep, their sheer walls offering no protection against the biting cold. On entering a valley you find something indescribable. It is a massive thing, colored dark grey and shaped like nothing you have ever seen. It seems to be made of metal, but while it is strong, it makes no ringing sound when tapped. A flight of stone stairs, obviously not part of this thing, rise to the top of the strange structure. What appears to be a small, stone temple rests on the mammoth object. There is no other place to go.

I3 Ruins of the Red Moon is the third installment of Pacesetter’s Solo Dungeon adventure series. This adventure is designed for a single player with no DM. A solitary fourth level character is needed to play.