TM1 The Lost Caravan

TM1 The Lost Caravan
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The Lost Caravan is a competition module originally created for MDG’s Wintercon X1 (1982) at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. This tournament was a single event played in two rounds - consecutively. Team scoring was used to determine the victorious group. The event was limited to 10 teams. However, two teams were added when the turnout exceeded ticket sales. The Lost Caravan was written using the First Edition rules and used strict tournament scoring. This module includes two books totaling 60 pages and a separate gatefold cover. The Lost Caravan follows the mystery of Princess Alissandra. Borrowing from the ever-popular “save the princess” genre, this adventure reverses the plot as the princess does not want to be found. Forced into a pre-arranged marriage, the princess and her caravan disappeared en route. The caravan vanished without a trace and the giants who occasionally raid the kingdom were blamed. Now, some 50 years later, the king has received new information that a survivor from the caravan has been found. The old king, carrying the guilt of the forced marriage, charges the PCs with finding his daughter so he can know the truth about her disappearance.