TM6 Felhorde

TM6 Felhorde
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This module is designed for the First Edition game system or the OSRICô game. The recommended player character (PC) level range is third to fourth level and a quantity of four to six to eight characters is optimal. The adventure was originally designed as the official AD&D tournament at the 2015 North Texas RPG Convention. The adventure is the sequel to module Q2 Eruptorís Vengeance by Pacesetter Games & Simulations. All of the original tournament information is included; the adventure need not be played as a tournament.

DMís Background This scenario begins immediately after the PCs have completed module Q2 Eruptorís Vengeance. After discovering the dragonís treasure has already been looted, the PCs are preparing to vacate the area. But to their surprise Eruptor is not dead, although he is angry at the loss of his treasure. He strong-arms the PCs into recovering the treasure. Their only clue is that a group of chasm gnomes disappeared into the depths of the earth with the treasure. This adventure is designed for six to eight characters of third to fifth level using the first edition rules (OSRIC compatible).