Endless Encounters: Dungeons (BX)

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Within these pages are dozens of charts for each level (1-10) that generate memorable encounters with just a few dice rolls. Whether you need to add an encounter to your adventure or design an entire dungeon, EE: Dungeons is an exhaustive resource and easy to use. Charts include everything you need to create an amazing encounter including illumination, room type, room contents, traps, monsters (full statistic blocks), treasures, and much more. EE: Dungeons also has 53 new monsters and 64 new magical items! Of course there is more in the form of a complete sample dungeon for each level with room descriptions and full-color map. All ten levels connect and form a mega-dungeon with more than 500 encounters! EE: Dungeons is designed for use with the BX RPG and compatible with all other OSR classic game systems based on the world’s largest fantasy RPG.

Endless Encounters: Dungeons is an encounter and adventure generator for characters level 1-10 using the BX RPG game system!