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In 1981 the Basic and Expert game for the world's greatest fantasy RPG was released. Written by Tom Moldvay, David "Zeb" Cook, and Steve Marsh, these two comprehensive books created a complete fantasy game system that exploded on the gaming scene and made it into mainstream game markets. This game system is alive and well some 38 years later! This pioneering game was later revised into similar old school game systems. But even as those systems further expanded the game, Basic and Expert (B/X) retained a huge following - one that still thrives today. It is with this history in mind that we have decided to create two new books, the B/X Player's Guide and Dungeon Guide. Instead of merely retro-cloning this system, we have separated the player rules and game master rules into separate books. We have also expanded the character classes, added spells, weapons, monsters, magic items, and much more. All the while, we have steadfastly maintained the simplicity and elegance of the original game. We have done all of this with one thing in mind; we are not replacing the Basic and Expert books, we attempting open the game up for more opportunity to new and old players alike. You no longer have to search for those beat up copies of the rule books - it's all here and more!

The B/X Dungeon Guide contains all the information needed to create fantastic adventures and run your dungeon exploration game. It includes rules for game play, creatures, magic items, combat charts, sample adventure, and more.

The B/X Player's Guide contains all the information needed to create and run a character throughout the BX RPG—a game of monsters, treasures, and heroic deeds. It includes rules for characters up to 18th level as well as spell charts and descriptions, weapon and equipment tables, and complete character class descriptions. In all, there are 14 character classes in the game (and yes, race is class). Rules for every facet of your character are included.

The adventure The Thing in the Valley is also included inside the box!

A terror has come to the valley community of Riversmeet. Farmers, herdsmen, and woodsmen have fallen victim to a mysterious and horrific creature. Amidst the terror, questions go unanswered -- what is this terrible fiend, where did it come from, and what is its dark purpose? The call has gone out to summon a band of adventurers to put an\ end to The Thing in The Valley.

The Thing in the Valley is designed for use with the BX RPG game system. The scenario is best played with 4-6 players and character levels ranging from 3rd to 4th level.

You will also be given a .zip file with all the PDFs upon purchase.