Things Better Left Alone

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The adventure is set near the seaside city of Port Towne, where a massive and ancient dungeon complex was discovered beneath the city. A group of young adventurers descended into the dungeon, but none returned. Soon after, several citizens vanished, and all known entrances to the dungeon were sealed.

An enigmatic wizard arrived sometime later and built a tower on the outskirts of the city on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and deepwater lagoon. No sooner than the tower was completed, tragedy struck. In the middle of the night, the tower was engulfed in green flames. Several explosions blew out walls, but the tower did not fall. Only a few servants escaped the catastrophe, and they claimed the wizard was secretly exploring the dungeons beneath the city. What happened to the wizard, named Zeropas, is unknown, though the servants claimed he was in the tower at the time of the disaster.

Years later, strange lights emanated from the abandoned tower and more citizens near the tower vanished in the middle of the night. The city council commissioned a catapult, and the tower was battered until much of it collapsed in ruin, burying the entrance to the dungeons. Or so the council thought. Years passed without incident, but again, people are vanishing in the dark of night. The council, under pressure to do something — anything — has decided that whatever evil lurking in the dungeons must be destroyed.

This adventure module is designed for use with the Adventurer RPG and is completely compatible with the classic fantasy RPG system written by Dr. J. Eric Holmes. The scenario is best played with five to eight characters of 4th to 6th level, and the adventuring party should contain approximately 30 character levels. No particular class is required, but at least two fighter types and one cleric are recommended.


In conjunction with the Dr. John Eric Holmes estate, Pacesetter has produced a massive, 76-page adventure module based on Holmes' home campaign adventure from the mid-1970s. This dungeon was also featured in The Maze of Peril novel by Holmes. We were provided with his original hand-drawn maps and notes to create this amazing adventure. It truly is a window into the early days of Dungeons & Dragons.

Dr. Holmes is the author of the first Dungeons & Dragons basic set; the first mass-marketed version of D&D. We used those rules (which include rules for 1st to 3rd level characters) to create a new set of rule books that allow play through 10th level. These rules are not required to play the adventure module (which is set for 4th-6th level characters), but are available as well. The adventure module is compatible with any classic version of D&D (BX D&D, BECMI, AD&D). But if you would like to play using original the Holmes system, we have the books.

The module and rule books have a limited print run and will be available during and at the North Texas RPG Convention and here on our website.

NOTE: This product is NOT subject to any discounts as it is an exclusive release in partnership with the Holmes estate.