The Screaming Temple and Other Deaths (1e)

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The Screaming Temple: The temple arose in the span of a single night! Tall walls hide a mysterious temple steeped in obscurity. Rumors of incredible wealth, abhorrent evil, and dark magic swirl about its secretive walls. The authorities have shown no interest, yet rumors persist. No priests have been seen, no markings adorn its walls... in fact no person has come out or gone in. The only signs of life are the occasional nightmarish screams that shatter the night.

Eruptor’s Vengeance: In a forest glade a horrific battle has ended in a draw with all the combatants lying in ruin. A red dragon and its attackers have all fallen in glorious battle. The race is on to recover the dragon’s treasure horde. But tangling with a dead dragon can be a dangerous enterprise.

Death on Signal Island: The easiest assignment in the navy! Simply man the small fort and watch the ships go by. Nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the sun. Until now. Without warning, communication from the island has ceased. The investigation must be quick and discrete. Only the bravest adventurers can defeat certain Death on Signal Island!

The Final Chapter: The orcs threw themselves in against the wall of the small woodland keep in a berserk rage. The small contingent of soldiers fought with equal ferocity and in the end, not a single orc remained. Years later, a dwarf entrepreneur  bought the old fort and converted it into an inn and tavern, the now famous Green Grizzly. Your long trek through the woods has brought you to the inn but something is clearly wrong as not a soul can be found!

These four scenarios are Quick Play™ adventures designed for 4 to 8 characters of 2nd to 4th level. The scenarios require the use of the First Edition game rules or OSRIC rules system. Quick Play adventures are designed for a single game session and come complete with pre-generated characters if needed. They monster reference charts for ease of use for the DM.