Book of Beginnings

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Welcome to a world of adventure! The beginning of a new adventure is always exciting. The uncertainty, the creation of characters, and the bond you will soon build with your fellow adventures spawns a delight like none other. With characters rolled up, the game mat ready to display the twists and turns of the darkest dungeons, and anticipation rising, the only question is, where do we begin?

The Book of Beginnings offers you and your table a multitude of thrilling adventures used to kick off your 5th edition campaign. All are designed to cover the three main pillars of play: combat, exploration, and roleplay. However, some adventures are more heavily geared to certain pillars. This offers groups with specific interests the most amount of familiarity as possible. There are beginnings for 1st, 3rd, and 5th level; however, any can be easily adapted to different levels of play by altering monsters, DCs, and severity of environmental hazards (traps, noxious gases, evil GMs, etc). Even if you have already begun your latest and greatest campaign, these adventures can easily be adapted to be side quests. Despite level of play, you should know your next best adventure is around the corner!

Book of Beginnings is designed for a variety of character levels for the 5th edition game system.