About Us

Pacesetter Games & Simulations has been producing old school adventures and supplements since 2008. We have produced more than 50 products in print form, including several boxed sets. In general, we produce content for the world's most famous fantasy RPG system (first and fifth editions as well the BX edition) and other game systems, including Swords & Wizardry, the DCC RPG, and (soon) Call of Cthulhu. Pacesetter also produces a large line of miniature figures for all of these game systems. We attend several game conventions every year and operate one of the longest-running old school RPG tournaments in the country. Pacesetter has brought back the solo module as well as cross-platform adventures (The Red Queen series).

Bill Barsh has worked in the gaming world since 1978 and produced material for Task Force Games and Hero Games. Bill was a member of the Metro Detroit Gamers beginning in 1977 and assisted with running some of the country's largest game conventions throughout the late 70s and early 80s, including Origins (when it was held in Detroit). Bill also published the Deck of Many Things magazine throughout that era.

Ben Barsh started working at Pacesetter in 2015 and produced his first KS project, Rise of the Nefarious (a 5e mini-campaign), in 2018. Ben's title at Pacesetter is Operations Manager – that means he is the driving force behind how we get things done. His first major project, Rise of the Nefarious, was a resounding success and ran flawlessly. He is also credited for Reaping at River's End, Book of Beginnings, Path of the Vanished, and Into the Unknown.