Return to Dark Tower

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It has taken 50 years, but members of the cult that worship Set have found the buried tower of their god. Not just any tower, but the first one dedicated to the fiendish god. As many things, fate (or Mitra) has conspired against them. An enterprising dwarf decided to find the buried towers (Set and Mitra) and plunder the riches within. The cultists ignored the excavations as long as possible but had to act when the dwarf and his retinue finally found the entrance to the dungeon that leads to the towers.

The high priest, Hallrun Helleyes, sent his servants to capture and kill the excavators. He could not stop there and decided to do the same to the nearby village, Mitra’s Fist. None could be left to warn others or summon help. At least not before he had the time to delve deeper into the tower of Set. His plan has worked to some degree and he has managed to expand his hold on the upper levels of both towers.

In designing this adventure, I have used some of the original components as call-backs to the original adventure. That said, this is all-new content and designed to be used in a tournament format. That does not mean it cannot be run as a normal adventure.

Return to Dark Tower is a tournament adventure for use with the Classic D&D game system and compatible with your favorite retro clone such as Dungeon X, Old School Essentials, etc. The scenario is designed for six to eight characters of 5th to 7th level. A balance of character classes is suggested but no particular class is required. Particular emphasis on at least three fighter types is recommended. In tournament play, the party consists of six pre-generated characters.