Farrador: A History

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It seems we have a scholar! Wishing to dive deeper into the lore and known knowledge that Farrador has to offer, I see? Excellent! You have come to the right place, friend. Here in this tome, written by yours truly, I will give you insight into how this land was created, what is here now, and what resources you can use to your advantage before venturing Into the Unknown. While some of the secrets of Farrador are kept within Farrador’s library, I will do my best to note all the information you need before you set out on your next quest.

Without further ado, let’s get learning!

Yours truly,

Alfie Fitz

Farrador: A History is a digest sized book that contains lore, short stories, and statistics on new monsters and magic items found within the realm of Farrador in which the solo adventure Into the Unknown is located.