Kizziwink's Mad Lab!

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Your adventure begins in the bustling city of Macandire, capital of the region of Farrador. You roll out of bed after a night’s stay at the Wonderland Inn directly in the heart of Trade Town, as they have good rates for adventurers who stay and rest between adventures.

         You leave the inn after a complimentary breakfast of two eggs and a slice of bread. Fueled for adventure, you head to the quest board. Problem is, you have overslept.

         You approach the quest board in the center of town to find that there is a single parchment left. Your gut sinks as you know there is unlikely to be a new round of jobs posted until next weekend… at the earliest. Your quest giver is an eccentric wizard named Kizziwink who would like you to recover a family heirloom from his abandoned laboratory. What could go wrong?

Kizziwink’s Mad Lab is a true solo adventure for third level adventurers using the B/X game system.