Legacy of the Forbidden City

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Legacy of the Forbidden City is a tournament adventure for use with the Classic D&D game system and compatible with your favorite retro clone such as Dungeon X, Old School Essentials, etc. The scenario is designed for six to eight characters of 4th to 6th level. A balance of character classes is suggested but no particular class is required. Particular emphasis on at least three fighter types is recommended. In tournament play, the party consists of eight pre-generated characters.

This event was originally held at the fifth annual North Texas RPG Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, under the name TM4 Return to the Forbidden City. The tournament version of the scenario follows a pre-set course in which the player characters are presented with an overall mission, but must overcome several minor encounters to achieve their ultimate goal.

In tournament play, the PCs are out for revenge after one their own was slain by another party member. For reasons unknown, the murderer has fled to the Forbidden City. In standard play, the PCs are tasked with hunting down a murderer. The only clue points toward the Forbidden City. The murder’s name is Slatrac. Of course, Slatrac can be substituted with an NPC that exists in your current campaign.

This version includes all the information needed to play the adventure as a tournament, but adjustments have been made to make the module fit into a standard game campaign and nontournament play.