Classic Adventures

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Instead of your generic pitch text about the book, please enjoy this note from CEO and Designer Bill Barsh:

These short scenarios are part of what I like to call my Vacation series. While on Christmas vacation each year, I spend some time (usually over the course of a couple weeks) writing short adventures like those included in this compilation book; always based on a classic TSR module that I feel could use some expansion, adjustment, or, I just really like it. I rarely take the time to do a complete edit; its pretty much a stream of thought thing. The maps are crude and hand drawn by myself, usually while taking in a Starbucks while the girls (my wife and daughters) are shopping. I like to sit outside and just enjoy. Oh, I am always in Florida at Christmas so its nice and warm which makes sitting outside inspiring. Not too mention all the Christmas lights and music in the background. My kids have a term for this and I believe its called being “boujie.” So be it. But in all seriousness, I really enjoy writing adventures; for me that is a vacation.

In the end, these adventures those things. It was written in the span of few days. The layout is basic, the art is pulled from our internal Pacesetter stock art files, and, well, there it is. Most importantly, I send them out in PDF form to everyone on our mailing list for free as a holiday gift. After that, it goes up on; funds raised go to purchasing more stock art specifically for future scenarios like those included in this book. Recently, I took some time and added player boxed text, made some revisions, cleaned up typos and other errors. This version is the result of that effort.

Adventures in this series:

Twisted Trail of the Reptile Cult
Ghost City of the Hidden Shrine
Secrets of the Unknown
Cursed Cairn of the Moat House