Tome of Quests: Volume One (B/X)

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The Tome of Quests: Volume One is an adventure compendium for the B/X game system! This tome will take you through five adventures that can be run separately or linked together with a seamless and compelling narrative. Each adventure features full color art and maps as well as new magic items and monsters to challenge, and reward, your players!

The Tome of Quests has been in the works at Pacesetter Games for over 10 years! Each adventure featured in Volume One comes from the very first year as a publishing company. Now years later, we have updated the adventures and given them the posh upgrades they deserve! Now is a better time than ever to start adding Pacesetter legacy works to your library!

Here is a bit more about each adventure:

The Thing in the Valley

A terror has come to the valley community of Riversmeet. Farmers, herdsmen, and woodsmen have fallen victim to a mysterious and horrific creature. Amidst the terror, questions go unanswered— what is this terrible fiend, where did it come from, and what is its dark purpose? The call has gone out to summon a band of adventurers to put an end to The Thing in The Valley.

The Thing in the Valley is an adventure designed for six to eight characters of second to fourth level. The adventure features a wilderness section as well as a dungeon-type crawl in an aged mansion. 

The Screaming Temple

It arose in the span of a single night! Towering walls hide a mysterious temple steeped in obscurity.  Rumors of incredible wealth, abhorrent evil, and dark magic swirl about its secretive walls. The local authorities have shown no interest, yet rumors persist. But no one can claim knowledge of the temple. No priests have been seen, no markings adorn its fact no person has come out or gone in. The only signs of life are the occasional nightmarish screams that shatter the night air.

The Screaming Temple is an adventure designed for four to six characters of first to second level.


This three-chapter adventure finds the Player Characters chasing a dead dragon’s treasure by infiltrating its former lair, delving into the Deep and meeting the challenge of an ancient dark elf citadel and it’s master, a forge lich, and then sent on a quest to find a missing race called the Harrowen.

Chapter 1: Eruptor’s Vengeance

In Eruptor’s Vengeance the players learn that tangling with a dragon, even if it is dead, can be a dangerous endeavor. Specifically, this adventure presents low level characters with an opportunity to interact in an environment based on the game’s most fearsome creature without actually encountering one – a red dragon. After discovering a dead dragon’s lair, the PCs must traverse some traps and dangerous foes to reach the dragon’s hoard. Unfortunately for the PCs, a group of chasm gnomes has made off with the dragon hoard. 

Chapter 2: Lost Citadel of the Dark Elves

Emerging from the dragon’s lair, empty handed, the PCs are confronted by the very much alive Eruptor. The dragon wants his treasure and the PCs are assigned the task of recovery. Pursuing the chasm gnomes, the PCs discover and ancient dark elf citadel. In order to follow the gnomes, the PCs must traverse the citadel and pass the test of the citadel. Back on the trail of the chasm gnomes, the PCs find a mysterious floating keep and eventually are confronted by a forge lich. The PCs are tasked with yet another quest…

Chapter 3: The Forgotten Dark

It seems the forge lich is seeking to resurrect an entire race of Deep dwellers called the Harrowen. This race went extinct when their magic sun, called the Orb, (that illuminated and gave life to their home cavern) was destroyed by the dark elves in a war long ago. The forge lich has determined that if the Orb is restored, so too the Harrowen. With a restored Harrowen, the forge lich would gain allies in his efforts to conquer the Deep. 

Felhorde is an adventure designed for four to eight characters of second level to fourth level.

The Vampire’s Curse

It is the third day of the royal wedding celebration of an old friend, Princess Nelvanna. But tragedy has struck and the groom is dead. Guests claim to have seen a vampire, no ghost vampire, the very night of the murder. Terror, panic, and suspicion fill the keep. All the while a savage snow storm is besieging the keep and none can leave. Who will survive The Vampire’s Curse?

The Vampire’s Curse is an adventure designed for four to six characters of third to fifth level. The entirety of the adventure is contained within a keep. 

The Lost Caravan

Fifty years ago a treasure-laden caravan accompanied Princess Alissandra to her destiny – A pre-arranged marriage with a prince from a neighboring kingdom. Then the caravan and princess disappeared without a trace. Now a clue has surfaced that may uncover the fate of The Lost Caravan!

The Lost Caravan is designed for four to six characters of fifth to seventh level. This scenario is quite large with both wilderness and dungeon crawl sections.