Witch, Grave, Haunt (B/X)

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Welcome to Halloween - game adventure style! Included in this special module book are three Halloween-inspired adventures. Each is unique in regard to environment and subject matter. They are all designed for low level play and generally shorter in length; The Witch of Monte Rosa and Six Feet Under can both be played in one or two game sessions. The Haunted House of Clendil is larger but has two distinct adventure locations that can be split into one or two game sessions each.


The Witch of Monte Rosa: A lonely hill, a lost girl, and a green moon. Farmers cower in fear and the entire whispers that it is the coming of the Witch! An adventure for first level characters.

The Haunted House of Clendil: The mansion has stood isolated and abandoned for so long, no one recalls who actually built it. Now it is time to reclaim the opulent home from whatever foul denizens that have taken residence. An adventure for 2nd to 4th level characters.

Six Feet Under: The graveyard sits on a small and lonely plateau just outside of town. It has gone unused for many years as all the burial plots and crypts are filled. Visitors are few and now whispered rumors suggest an evil has awakened in the graveyard. An adventure for 3rd to 5th level characters.

This book is designed for use with Classic RPGs such as BX RPG, Adventurer RPG, and more!

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