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Amidst the horrific carnage, Eruptor, the red dragon, lay dead. The race to recover the dragon’s treasure was on and a group of heroes penetrated the lair only to find most of the treasure already stolen. A group of crag gnomes fled into the deep, loaded with a dragon’s horde, as the adventurers, battered from their ordeal, fled the trap-filled lair. As the PCs camped and recovered, a rush of wind extinguished their fire. Before it could be relit, a flame streamed from the darkness and the fire pit blazed with light. In its glow, the red dragon, Eruptor, growled and spoke. His message is simple: find his treasure or die trying. The adventurers must pursue the crag gnomes into the deep chasms to their underground world.

Felhorde is a tournament adventure designed for the Classic D&D game adventure for six to eight characters of 3rd to 4th level.